To celebrate WANSARC’s 50th anniversary, the club has successfully applied for a special callsign, VI50AWS. Let the celebrations begin!

VI50AWS will be operational from 0001 1 March 2020 until 2359 31st August 2020.

WANSARC 50TH Anniversary Special Award


The club Committee is pleased to announce details of the WANSARC 50th Anniversary Special Award, available to club members and amateurs anywhere in the world.

This award celebrates the 50th Anniversary of WANSARC and is offered for a limited time.

So, what do you need to do to apply for and receive this award?

  1. Name of the award – WANSARC50
  1. Aim of the award – to recognize WANSARC’s 50-year history and promote the future of WANSARC
  1. Criteria for the award – The following rules will apply:
    (a) The WANSARC50 award is available for contacts between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020
    (b) To qualify for the Award licensed amateur radio operators or Short-Wave Listeners (SWL’s) are to obtain fifty (50) points
    (c) A contact with VI50AWS or for SWL’s hearing VI50AWS will account for 25 points
    (d) A contact with a member of WANSARC or for SWL’s hearing a club member will account for 5 points
    (e) The award can be obtained by:
        (i) Working or hearing VI50AWS and 5 additional
             club members = 50 points
        (ii)Working or hearing 10 club members = 50 points
  1. Club members that are holders of multiple callsigns are only able to use one callsign for award credit when exchanging contact information 
  1. Repeater or crossband contacts are not permitted for award qualification.
  1. Applicants for the WANSARC50 award must submit a complete extract of log entries including full name, callsign (if held), date, time, band, frequency, mode, station contacted (or heard), signal reports exchanged.
  1. Contacts with VI50AWS and club members on nets, or hearing VI50AWS and club members on nets are valid.
  1. The award will be issued free of charge via email.

The club runs two nets weekly each Tuesday evening – one on VHF at 2000 hours local time 146.450MHz FM SIMPLEX and the other at 2030 hours local time 3.685MHz LSB +/- QRM.

Some club members also frequent 146.500MHz FM SIMPLEX and 439.000MHz FM Simplex.

Page last updated 18/06/2020