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Offsite Meeting - Friday 1st June:

A most interesting night was had at the "Essendon Airways Museum" on Friday night, June 1st!! Many fascinating items of radio equipment were explained and demonstrated by the museum staff! From "Flight Service & Air Traffic Control" operations to ACARS, DME, ILS, MLS, NBD, VAR, VOR & RADAR. With many of these systems thought of, developed and produced in Australia. For instance the current system of ILS (MLS) that is used as the world "Standard" was produced right here.... And at a fraction of the cost that many other countries spent on there own development!!

There were quite a few visitors that attended as well as many members... In all a most impressive turnout! Many thanks go to the staff who volunteered their time to open the museum exclusively for the club!!



General Meeting Held - Friday 4th May:

It was a most fascinating and interesting night with a good crowd that turned out! An excellent presentation by club member Campbell VK3-FAHJ on "An Introduction To Radio Control Aeromodelling". His experience with traditional as well as the latest technologies in this hobby opened a few eyes into the model aviation world! Lots of slides, videos, exhibits and "Hands On" demonstrations were presented!

A big thank-you goes to Campbell for his outstanding effort!!!



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