A selection of links for reference, as suggested by Club members.


Radio Books for Everyone - Books for the Amateur Radio and Vintage Radio Fraternity.

Electronics Assistant - A Windows program that performs electronics-related calculations.

Picastar G4NVH's Picastar Project.  

ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority

WIA Wireless Institute of Australia

VKHam.com Australian Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Victoria

Amateur Radio Wiki The online encyclopedia for Hams

Radio and Electronics School for Standard and Advanced Courses

Formula Wheel Power and Ohms Law

Williamson Labs Electronics Tutorials

Amateur Radio Companion Ham Exam

Rigpix Database

Amateur Radio Community Website eham.net

VK Contest Log Logging Software

Modifiications for Radio Amateurs mods.dk

KBL2JJ Radio Mods Database

Radio Mobile A free software tool for the evaluation of radio system performance

Grid Square Locator on Google Maps. Locate your QTH or lookup a grid reference

Make your own vacuum tubes

QRZ Call sign database

Propfire - view HF propagation in Firefox browser
         Note: Follow the installation instructions carefully!

Global HF Ionospheric Map - Australian Government IPS Radio and Space Services

SpaceWeather.com - News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras and more.

Leon Mow Dark Sky Radio Observatory - Weather station, lightning detector and more.

WES Components Ashfield, Sydney

Rockby Electronics Clayton, Melbourne

Can I or Can't I Country Fire Authority fire restriction FAQ


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