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Radio Books for Everyone - Books for the Amateur Radio and Vintage Radio Fraternity.

Electronics Assistant - A Windows program that performs electronics-related calculations.

"All About Circuits" - A Webiste Of Projects, Industry News, Articles Of Interest To Amateur Radio & Electronics Hobbiest

ACMA - Australian Communications and Media Authority

ACMA - Register Of Radio Communications Licences

WIA - Wireless Institute of Australia

VKHam.com - Australian Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Victoria - "Self Explanatory"

Rigpix Database - Check You Rig's Specs!

eham.net - Amateur Radio Community Website

VK Contest Log - Logging Software For Australian Amateurs

mods.dk - Modifications Of Radios For Amateurs

QRZ - Call sign database. Amatuer Radio Community Website

Australian Government Space Weather Services - Information On Aspects Affecting Communications In Australia

"Working With Children Check" - Victorian Government. For JOTA/JOTI

RS Components - Smithfield, NSW

Rockby Electronics Clayton, Victoria


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