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If you have arrived at this WANSARC website before checking out the information available on the Wireless Institute of Australia site, go here  www.wia.org.au, click on "Become a Radio Amateur" and choose the type of licence you wish to obtain. There are three levels of licence,FoundationStandardand Advanced, and you can download the appropriate syllabus for your choice of the qualification you wish to study for.

WANSARC does not currently conduct Amateur Radio Licence classes.

If you are in the suburban area of Melbourne and looking for classroom instruction to help you obtain an amateur radio licence, Wansarc suggests that you check the Wireless Institute of Australia website for clubs running classes in a district to suit you. For those people who are already Wansarc members, or others who may be intending to become members of our group, we usually suggest the North East Radio Group (NERG) Greensborough, http://www.nerg.asn.au, or Amateur Radio Victoria Ashburton, http://www.amateurradio.com.au/.

If you are considering the Foundation Licence, we strongly recommend you get a copy of the Foundation Licence Manual which can be obtained from either the Wireless Institute of Australia, www.wia.org.au, or Amateur Radio Victoria, http://www.amateurradio.com.au (check on their respective websites).

Foundation Manual

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