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Postal address

PO Box 328

Electronic mail

President: president@wansarc.org.au
Secretary: secretary@wansarc.org.au
Treasurer: treasurer@wansarc.org.au
Magazine Editor: magazine@wansarc.org.au
Webmaster: webmaster@wansarc.org.au



Amateur Radio

Our Club uses the frequency of 146.450 MHz FM as a general Club calling or chat frequency. You can find members on nearly anytime, particularly in the afternoons and evenings. The Club Net is held every Tuesday evening starting at 8:00pm. This is an open net and you are more than welcome to join in discussions or enquire about our Club and activities. On HF you will also hear WANSARC members using 28.470 MHz USB on 10 metres, usually at night.

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