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January Not Published
February WANSARC & MRARC February Ham Feast!, WANSARC CLub Dinner Report, General News
March AGM Details, February HamFeast Report, KingLake Radio Adventure, General News
April QRP Demonstration By Peter Parker VK3YE, AGM Election Results & Committee Outcomes, Field Strength Meter Project, General News
May "Introduction To Radio Control Aero Modelling" with Campbell VK3-FAHJ, Follow-Up QRP with Peter Parker VK3-YE, DAB+ Radio, General News
June "Radio Controlled Models" follow up with Campbell VK3-FAHJ, 40m QRP project with Peter Parker VK3-YE, Club General News
July Radio Club Meeting At Essendon Airport Airways Museum, JOTA/JOTI News, Genearl Club News, Current Memebership List, 2M/70CM Antenna By Chris VK3-XCP
August "Beam Project" By Chris VK3XCP, "Loop Tours" With Martin VK3MJP, HotSpot Solutions For C4FM - DMR- DStar & P25, JOTA/JOTI Information, Club General News
September Rod VK3-FAB Presentation On Video Capture & Processing, BOM Wave Buoys, Solar Cycle 25, JOTA/JOTI 2018, General Club News
October Not Published...
November Availalbe one month after publication...

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January Details Of WANSARCS New Home, Eulogy To Vale Allen VK3SM, Details On Illegal Drone Transmitters, Details Of ANAN 8000LE 200W SDR Transmitter
February Combined Edition With January 2017
March Presentation by club member Ian VK3QL on "Portable QRP", WANSARC "New Home", C4FM, General News
April Presentation By Guest Speaker Guy VK3GUY On C4FM, LongWave Stations, General News
May WANSARC Swap Night! Remembering Ken VK3AKK, Construct a 4:1 Voltage Balun - By Peter VK6YSF, General News
June Not Published...
July Note: July & August Are Combined Edition! White Elephant sale, Cliff VK3CSL & His Model Engines! Slow Scan TV, Sun-Spot Cycle, General News
August Note: July & August Are Combined Edition!
September JOTA/JOTI Plan, Active Antenna Project, General News
October FALCONSAT-3, ATV, MOXON Antenna Project, JOTA/JOTI Plan Update, General News
November Raspberry PI projects, Yaesu FT-60 Mounted In The Car, JOTA/JOTI, Announcement of WANSARC "Christmas Dinner", General News

ATV, "Jaycar - Pocket World Band Radio", WANSARC Club Christmas Dinner, General News

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January WANSARC Family Fun Day Sunday January 10 2016.....
February WANSARC Christmas Dinner Report December 10 2015...
March WANSARC Annual General Meeting Notice Details, WANSARC Auction Friday April 1, WANSARC Family Fun Day BBQ Report...
April Not Published...
May Not Published...
June Not Published...
July Not Published...
August Not Published...
September Not Published...
October Presentation By Greg VK3VT on "Fox Hunting"...NO!!!!....not the animal kind.....the RF kind!!!, JOTA/JOTI October 2016 details, Club Christmas Dinner Details, Coaxial Antenna Project Details, General News...
November November Mini Hamfest (Buy, Sell, Swap) Meetiing Novemebr 4, QRP, Essendon Airport Open Day November 12, Detaills For Club Christmas Dinner December 1, Antenna Design For 160m...
December Not Published...

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January WANSARC END Of Year BBQ, Details For WANSARC Family Fun Day January 11th 2015
February WANSARC Family Fun Day, Bits & Pieces, VSWR
March WANSARC AGM, Details Of Auction Night ,Remembering "Maxwell Alex White", General News, ACMA New Licence Renewal System
April WANSARC AGM Election Results, Geomagnetic Storm Solar Cycle 24, General News
May Details Of ACMA Amateur Licence Price Reduction, Settiing Up A Radio Shack, General News
June Not Published...
July Not Published...
August Not Published...
September Magazine Editor Needed, WANSARC QSL Branch, National Park Activation Weekend Details
October Details For WANSARC Christmas Dinner, Further Details For Magazine Editor, Further Details For National Park Activation Weekend
November WANSARC Christmas Dinner 10th December, WANSARC Family Day 10th January, National Park Activation Weekend 13 - 16 November, Spring VHF Field Day 14 - 15 November
December WANSARC Christmas Dinner Update, WANSARC Family Day Update, VHF-UHF Spring Field Day Update

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January WANSARC Christmas Dinner Report, Spring VHF and UHF Contest - John FEZZ, WANSARC Family Day Flyer.
February WANSARC Family Fun Day Report - Mick VK3CH, The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award - John VK3FMPB,
March Notice of Annual General Meeting, Last month's meeting wrap, Mick's New Work Shack - Mick VK3CH.
April AGM Results, ANZAC Day at Ballarat Showgrounds - John VK3FMPB, WANSARC John Moyle Field Day 2014 at Bundoora Park - Mick VK3CH, Mick's New Work Shack - Mick VK3CH.
May ANZAC Day 2014 - Eureka Stadium Ballarat - John VK3FMPB.
June Mick's Amateur Radio Work Saga, Modifications to AH-4 Auto Tuner, Modifications to Microphone, WANSARC At The Darebin Family & Children's Day, Bundoora Children's Farm.
July North East Amateur Radio Club, Using Inexpensive TV USB Dongles and Videolan (VLC) to view Amateur Digital TV.
August Last month's meeting wrap, News and WANSARC Club Profile.
September Annual Worldwide Amateur Radio Television QSO Party 2014.
October RF PRO-1B Active Loop Antenna, JIDX Contest - Mark VK3UA, Melbourne Amateur Radio Technology Group - First Hamfest.
November JOTA 2014 Report - John VK3FMPB.
December WANSARC Christmas Dinner Report, Keith Roget National Parks Activation Weekend - John VK3FMPB, Rosebud Hamfest Report.

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January WANSARC Christmas Dinner Report, WANSARC Family Day Details, ALARA BBQ Details, Remote Rig - from Shack to BBQ - Mick VK3CH.
February WANSARC Family Day 2013 Report, ALARA Luncheon at Bundoora Park, Centre Victoria Radio Fest Info.
March Notice of Annual General Meeting, Centre Victoria RadioFest 2013, Australian Radio Amateurs May Lose the 2300 - 2302 MHz Band, Mick VK3AY Antenna Project.
April Annual General Meeting Report, Around The Shack, John Moyle Field Day & BBQ ~ Bundoora Park.
May April Auction Meeting, Don VK3HDX Extraterrestrial DX Tour, Playing Portable – PI style.
June Last Month's Meeting, BBQ Academy Class, How Is Chilli Pepper Heat Measured? Radio Enthusiasts Pay Tribute to Veterans.
July Up, Up and Away - Visit to TAA Museum - Mark VK3PI, Around The Shack, Winter VHF-UHF Field Day at Bundoora Park, VK3ZO JMFD - March 16, 2013 ...reflections, Product Review - Diamond CP6-10 Combined 10m and 6m Vertical - Frank VK3ZO, A New Toy - Don VK3HDX.
August Last month's meeting - presentation by Mark VK3PI and Ian VK3QL on portable operations, Cranbourne and Albury Hamfest reports, Icom IC-7100 Review by Mick VK3CH, LP-100A Digital Vector RF Wattmeter Review by Mick VK3CH.
September Last month's meeting wrap - Demo IC-7100 Radio by Don VK3HDX and presentation on ADS-B Flight Tracking by Bob VK3VO. ILLW Lady Bay Lighthouse, Warnambool - John VK3FMPB, ATV QSO Party 2013 - Mick VK3CH.
October Cubelock Concept Antenna by Mick VK3AY, Battery Power - Second Draft! by Mick VK3CH, Starting Over - The RF Earth System, Don VK3HDX
November Last month's meeting wrap - Special General Meeting and Radio Auction, What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Club - John VK3FMPB, JOTA Reports - Mick VK3CH and John VK3FMPB.
December Around The Shack - Last Month's Meeting, What Is Amateur Radio? - John VK3FMPB, Alzheimer's And Dementia - John VK3FMPB, Should Happiness Be The Most Important Goal In Life - Mick VK3CH, 2013 Spring VHF/UHF Field Day - Frank VK3ZO.

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January WANSARC Family Fun Day 2012, Around The Shack, CK3CH Back On HF, Dot-Dash-Diss: The Gentleman Hacker's 1903.
February WANSARC Family Fun Day 2012, End-Fed HF Antenna Project - Lou VK3ZLD, Multi-band Delta Loop for 80/40/20/15/10/6 metres - Lou VK3ZLD, Visit to OM8A Contest Station - Chris VK3FY. Tour de Freedom 2012 - Chris VK3FY, 10 GHz trial into VK3RTV.
March Compact Top Loaded 160 metre Vertical Antenna, Trial of Higher Transmitter Output Power for Amatuer Advanced Licencees, FM Crystal Radio Set, Kyneton Radio Fest 2012.
April WANSARC AGM Results & News, All Band HF Doublet - Peter VK6YSF, John Moyle Field Day Report, RAOTC Luncheon Report, EMDRC Hamfest Report, Keith Roget National Parks Get Together at Churchill.
May 160 metre Antenna Project - Part 2 - Completion, Testing & Results, 160 metre Coffe Club Annual Luncheon, EMDRC Hands Free Microphone Kit, ANZAC Day AM Tribute Station.
June Soft Rock - Software Defined Radio Presentation, Peter VK3XCO, 10 metre 5/8 Vertical Antenna Tests, Antenna Building Project, Touring The Bush Along The Murray River - Graeme VK3PGK.
July Presentation on Soldering Surface Mount Components, Around The Shack, Member Spotlight - Craig VK3FZAA.
August Around The Shack, VK3IV on Remote Rig, Counterfeit Electronics, MRI - John VK3FEZZ, Portable Mains Power Tests at Bundoora Park - Mick VK3CH, The ATV BBQ Test, Cranbourne Hamfest Report.
September Vale John White VK3KJW, 10 Metre 5/8 wave vertical - Trevor VK3ATX, Software Defined Radio Construction Project Club Day, ATV QSO Party 2012, 5 Element 2 metre Quad Construction - Craig VK3FZAA, ILLW Report - Wilfred VK3DWA & John VK3FMPB, Repairs to ATV TV.
October Vale - Michael J. Owen, VK3KI, Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 - Chris VK3FY, Shepparton Hamfest Report & Radio Australia Visit, Experiments With End Fed Zep - Mick VK3CH, ATV QSO Party 2012 - Orange County Radio Club Report, Radio Old Timers Luncheon 2012 - History of 3WV Medium Wave Transmitter Site.
November VK3EL BBQ Memorial Day, Bundoora Park - Matt VK3ABC, JOTA 2012 Hoppers Crossing - Mick VK3CH, JOTA - Riddells Creek - John VK3FMPB.
December Around The Shack, Vale Ian Ampt VK3IV, WANSARC Christmas Dinner Details.

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January WANSARC Family Fun Day 2011, Club Christmas Dinner 2010, The Spratlys DXpedition DX Code of Conduct.
February Around The Shack, Family Fun Day - Bundoora Park, What Exactly Is Radio Pt 1 by Peter Miles, Centre Victoria Radiofest No.4, DX0DX Postponement.
March Kyneton "Centre Victoria" Hamfest Report - Mick VK3CH, 160 Metres Coffee Club Net Luncheon 2011 Report - Mick VK3CH, Yarra Valley Hamfest Report - Mick VK3CH, Re-engineering a Tower Section - Martin VK3FMJP, Mathematical Logic, What Exactly Is Radio Pt 2 - Peter Miles VK6YSF, Growing Up Without a Cell Phone - Graeme VK3PGK.
April Around The Shack, WANSARC John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2011, Our Relocation to Echuca - Graeme VK3PGK, International Space Station Contact at North East Preston School, Amateur Radio Lecture & Presentation at North East Preston School, Farewell Craigieburn -VK3IV Ian Leaves VK for DU-DZ (The Philippines), DX Grail.
May Around The Shack, Keith Roget National Parks Award - John VK3FMPB, Review of IC-9100 Transceiver - Mick VK3CH, WANSARC Club Membership Directory.
June Around The Shack, WinRadio - PC Based Scanning Receiver, Mick VK3CH, A Tribute From A Fellow Ham, Mark VK3PI, Club Membership List, June 2011, WANSARC's Unsung Survivor.
July The Life and Times of Laurie VK3DPF - Mark VK3PI, Around The Shack, Gabo Island - Trevor VK3ATX, Tilt Over Tower - Peter VK6YSF, Edwin Howard Armstrong, Inventor FM.
August Braking System For Rotator - Trevor VK3ATX, ACMA Steps Up Its Fight Against Radio Interference, Victoria D-Star Repeater Network Update, 6V6GT Valve Stereo Amplifier (How To Keep Warm In Winter) - Mick VK3CH, Why Are Tubes Still Used?
September 10GHz Homebuilt Amateur Television System - Peter Cossins VK3BFG, 10GHz Amateur Television Project - Getting Started - Mick VK3CH, 24GHz Amateur Television Project - Mick VK3CH, International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2011 Gabo Island - Mick VK3CH, VK100ARV - ATV QSO Party - A World First for Digital Television.
October VK100ARV - Celebration of Amateur Radio Victoria 100 Years, Coming Events - Mark VK3PI, Split Point Lighthouse - John VK3FMPB, Shepparton Hamfest Report - Mick VK3CH, VK3RTV World Wide DATV QSO Party - TechTalk95, Orange County ARC USA.
November VK100ARV Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary, Bob VK3EL (SK) Tribute Day, 10 GHz / 24 GHz ATV Project ~ Construction & Testing - Mick VK3CH, WANSARC Participation in JOTA - Mark VK3PI, JOTA Riddells Creek - John VK3FMPB.
December Around The Shack, 146 MHz 5/8 Ground Plane Antenna - Peter VK6SYF, WANSARC 5 Day VK100ARV Centenary Celebration.

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January Not Published
February Webtrack - Aircraft Tracking Website, Hooray for the K2 - Dallas VK3EB, WANSARC Family Day - John VK3FMPB, Restoration of a Morse Practice Key - Bob VK3EL, A Bit of Humour - Matthew James and Martin VK3FMJP.
March Around the Club - random snaps, Kinglake, a beautiful place - John VK3FMPB, The Greatest Hamfest in the Universe - Mark VK3PI, Digital Television VK3RTV (Part 1) - Mick VK3CH, BNC Antenna Pole - Martin VK3FMJP.
April Around the Shack - AGM results, John Moyle Field Day - John VK3FMPB, All Band HF Dipole - Peter VK3YSF, EMDRC Hamfest - John VK3FMPB, Two Metre Loop Antenna - Trevor VK3FTDS, Block Diagram of new Digital VK3RTV Amateur Radio Television Repeater.
May Around the Shack, HIgh Power DVB-S Amateur Television Transmitter - Mick VK3CH, Sharing the Passion - Ian VK3JQ, What is This??? - Graeme VK3NE.
June WANSARC to Help Celebrate WIA Centenary - Mark VK3PI, Considerations for Portable Operations - An Introduction by Mark VK3PI, Around The Shack, 23cm Grid Pack Dish Antenna - Don VK3HDX.
July ACMA News - from ACMA Sphere, VK3ARK Upgrade Course - Rod VK3FAB, VK100WIA - WANSARC 3 Day Celebration - John VK3FMPB, Overview of DVB-T Modulation for Digital ATV - Ken Konechy W6HHC.
August Silent Key - Bill Lyon VK3KBL, Guest Speaker Craig VK3CDF - PCB Design, Cranbourne Hamfest, The Final Wrap - John Moyle Field Day 2010, Software Defined Radio Project (Picastar) - Chris VK3FY.
September Around The Shack, "ZZ" Wave Net Antenna - Don VK3HDX/2, International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend 2010 - Dan VK3DWH.
October Around The Shack, Solar max claims 'overstated' - ABC Science, Remote Rig Demonstration - Don VK3HDX/2, Janice in Japan VK3FIRE - Mick VK3CH
November Around The Shack, A Tribute to Bob VK3EL by Mark VK3PI, VK3EL - Silent Key - Eulogy Address, VK3SAH (Scouts and Hams) at Tree Tops Scout Camp for JOTA 2010 - John VK3FMPB, Hoppers Crossing JOTA - Mark VK3PI, A Tale Of Two Rabbits - Mick VK3CH.
December WANSARC Christmas Dinner Notification, WANSARC Family Fun Day - Sun 16 Jan 2011, Around the Shack, VK9NA - 50MHz to 10GHz, High performance "metal-insulator-metal" diode.

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January Not Published
February WANSARC 40th Birthday, President's 2009 Message - Graeme VK3NE, WANSARC Family Day - John VK3FMPB Rod VK3MRT, Worked all VK Shires Award, Challenges of VHF - Mike ZS2FM, The Humble Guttermount - Martin VK3FMJP, Bits and PI-eces - Mark VK3PI, Family Day Photo Roundup
March President's March 2009 Message - Graeme VK3NE, John Moyle Field Day report - Johnno VK3FMPB and Wayne VK3VCL, Making things easier - Martin VK3FMJP, A Dual Band J-Pole for 6/2 metres - Peter VK3YSF, Bits and Pieces - Mark VK3PI, Member contributions - VK3PI and VK3QL
April Radio Mobile Presentation, JMFD 2009 report by John VK3FMPB, On a Rotor and a Prayer by Melbourne Radio Controlled Helicopter Club, Warning - Local Store Scam, Verticals vs Horizontals - Loss by VK3HDX, VK3XC & VK3PI
May President's May 2009 Message - Graeme VK3NE, SK Bob VK3BU, Club Raffle & Items for Sale, Coming Attractions, Feature Article - Radio Extremes-OKALA OH8X - Peter VK6SYF, Fishing Beacon on 160 metres, Member contributions - Graeme VK3PGK and James Taranto
June Coming Attractions, Foxhunting June 14, Tape Measure Beam - Joe WB2HOL, Bits and PIeces, Looking for a PIC programmer?, Australian Shires Contest.
July President's Message, Coming Attractions, Supporting your squid pole - Bob VK3EL, The Great WANSARC Foxhunt 2009 - John VK3FMPB, Bits and PI-eces - Mark VK3PI and Victor VK3DKM, DATV Set Top Box information - AR Victoria.
August President's Message, WANSARC Coming Attractions, The Restless Sun-Order and Chaos - Peter VK6YSF, WANSARC and the Mid Winter Field Day - Mark VK3PI, Cleaning Made Easy - Bob VK3EL, August 2 metre Scramble - Mike VK3KH, Go on - have a laugh - Graeme VK3PGK and Geoff VK3AVJ.
September Some correspondence from a new member, Restoring the Heathkit SB-200 - Don VK3HDX, August meeting highlights - John VK3FMPB, Weather prediction - Wayne VK3VCL, Pun intended - Dan VK3DWH.
October BITS and PI-eces - Mark VK3PI, The Power of the Mind - Gary FK3FGAR, A Portable Antenna Stand - Martin VK3FMJP, ATV Beam Club Project - Don VK3HDX, JOTA and JOTI 2009, Alternatives to Microsoft Office - Rod VK3MRT.
November Club Dinner December 2009, A Portable Mast - Martin VK3FMJP, The Melbourne Underground Rail Loop - Brian VK3RA, VHF/UHF DXpedition - Mike VK3KH, Bits and PI-eces - Mark VK3PI, Humour page - Matt, Graeme VK3PGK, Bob VK3EL.
December Extending My Squid Pole - Martin VK3FMJP, Z Match ATU - Peter VK6YSF, Amateur Reflections - Graeme VK3PGK, VHF/UHF Microwave Expedition - Mike VK3KH

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January Not Published
February WANSARC 2008 Family Day, Easy Build 160m antenna, SK - Tom VK3AGH, WANSARC Club Dinner report
March 160m Vertical Antenna, Cycle 24, SK - Hal VK3EKF, Kyneton & Healesville Hamfest reports
April PSK31 by Peter VK6YSF, John Moyle Field Day Report, Office Bearers 2008, Members Contributions
May PSK31 by Peter VK6YSF Part 2, Spectrum Review Underway - AR Victoria, My Icom IC91AD by Graeme VK3PGK, Shack Chat - Chris VK3HGX
June 80/160m Coax receiving loops, A photo from the Wild West, Impressions of an MDRC Hamfest - John VK3FMPB, Rod VK3MRT and Dave VK3FXDX, Auction night wrap up & Bits and Pieces
July The Not So Ugly Balun by Trevor VK3FTDX, A New "Rig" for Chris VK3HGX, VK3AWS returns 'home', Another suggestion for 160 metres by Peter VK3YE, VK6RAV Avon Valley Repeater by Peter VK6YSF
August Dallas VK3EB on Noise, The Homecoming, A Day of Alignment - Trevor VK3FTDX, Ready Reference Card - Rod VK3MRT, Solar Cycle 24? An Ice Age Cometh - Peter VK6YSF, Preloved Goods For Sale
September Just when you least expect it, Cosmic DX by Peter VK6YSF, Tropospheric propagation update by Leigh VK2KRR, What about this? Contributions from members, Member spotlight - Bob VK3EL
October D-Star presentation postscript by Mick VK3CH, Cosmic DX Part 2 by Peter VK6YSF, In Brief, A Blast from the Past and Bits and Pieces
November The "Good Old Days" from Geoff VK3AVJ, The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award, In Brief, A Blast from the Past and Bits and Pieces, Member Contributions
December WANSARC Christmas Dinner, Speaking of ATV..., Super J-Pole for 435MHz from Peter VK6ySF, SI Units, Member Contributions

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January WIA News, 2006 Christmas Dinner, Syntrx Radio Tuning Night
February Family Fun Day 2007, General News, One Antenna, One Triumph - VK3IV
March Club AGM, Bits & 'PI'eces, Family Day - More Photos, New Licensees - Wilfred & Nana
April JMFD 2007 Report, QSL?, ATV Sub Carrier Notes, Half Size GR5V, Solar Variations, Taxi Story, Who has the biggest?
May Explaining Syntrx, JMFD Summary Report, Behind the Mic - Laurie VK3DPF, Slow Scan TV - Peter VK3YSF
June Sound Card Interface for SSTV-RTTY-Packet, Magnetic Loop 40&80mx, Health Questions for Hams
July VK3MO Kyneton Calling, PNG AR Back on the map, Understanding Moving Pictures 1
August Remote Control Antenna Tuning, The U Boat, Understanding Moving Pictures 2, Cranbourne Hamfest
September The Restless Sun 1, Understanding Moving Pictures 3, Garmin Navigator "Navi 310', EMDRC 40 years young
October SK - Jock VK3UB, SK - Bert VK3BH, The Restless Sun 2, Worked all VK4 Award, Practical 160m Antenna
November Easy to build 160m Antenna, Reflections on JOTA, WANSARC & NERG Swap Meet Night
December High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, Class of Sept 07, Dinner Menu, WANSARC in 2007 Review

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January Invitation to club BBQ, Foundation License Practical Exam Info, Making Work Fun with AR
February BBQ Changed date, Youngest Hams in VK, W.I.A. + A.R.V. + Foundation Exam News, Frequency /Mode chart
March Club AGM Notice, BBQ Day - Report, Reclaiming 2 Meter band in Melbourne - Dealing with Pager Interference
April John Moyle Field Day 2006, AGM Results, More photos from BBQ Family Day
May Youngest Ham in VK, Amateur Radio Victoria AGM News, WIA Examination News, New Members, Sexy Socks  "Retail AR!"
June Amateur Radio Victoria  AGM, Member News, Two Meter Boomer Antenna, The VK3APC Hamfest by Mark VK3PI
July Family Meeting at Tina's Pizza, General news, Foundation License Forum, Bits and “PI”eces
August ACMA License Fee Reduction, W.I.A. Membership drive, Reflections on 'Mate', GippsTech 2006,  Bits and “PI”eces
September Foundation License News, ACMA News, Harry VK3KBA's Talk on 160 Meter Top Loaded Antennas, Nik VK3FNIK/DU8 - DX
October VK3FY VK9 Visit, VK3AML On Air, Member Spotlight VK3FMPB & VK3FTTG, NERG Xmas Dinner, Foxhunting in the 70's
November V K3FY VK9 Visit Report, The Standard License, Club News
December Fun Day Invitation, WIA & ARV News, RF Safety, Club QSL Card Offer

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January Family Fun Day 2005, WIA & Club News, Farewell Grant VK3HFS, Echolink Connection, Darwin Awards
February Bundoora Park the day that was, Pizza Night, JMFD 2004 WANSARC's Award, Darwin Awards
March BPL Archive News, Intro to LINUX distros, AGM minutes, AGM Nomination form
April Club News, Dual Booting Computers, Darwin Awards
May AGM Results, ATV News & Construction, All about ATV Repeater VK3RTV
June Club News, WIA Open Forum Canberra Proceedings
July Club News, SK - Reg Busch VK3LS, Using Surface Mount Components
August CLUB & WIA News, A Slice pf 'PI' - JMFD Results 2005 - 2nd place again!, Gipps Tech 2005 Review
September WANSARC WIA Affiliation, 40mx Band, Welcome new Members, WIA News, BITES, RAOTC News
October ATV News, Rally of Melb, NERG Open Day, Club History, WIA News
November Airport Visit, New Amateur Licensees, ATV Comments, Call sign Car Plates, NERG Open Day BBQ
December Max 'ZCW' 50 years on air, Foundation Licenses FAQ's & Information, 2 letter calls 'frozen', Super Rod 9009 Antenna

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January Not published
February WANSARC Family Day, The G5RV, Data Smog, PI Bicycle, Preston Rotary
March Max VK3ZCW Profile, RAOTC Dinner, 'S' Meter FM900, JMFD Notes, Family Day Extras, Welcome VK3XIJ
April Council Antenna Prowl, VK3AWS JMFD Activities
May Digital DX, WIA Grid Square Award, JMFD 2004 Update, VK3CH Antenna Farm, DX via PC
June ATV Gear Arrives, No need to worry about Morse, ACA Review, VHF Loop, SK - VK3ZEB Tribute
July FET Audio Mixer, Welcome VK3KBL, Speaking of SHIT, VK3BZT Holiday
August Airships Return, MBTM - VK3BMR, 4WD Antenna Rules, ISS
September Stormy Night, Troubleshooting Valve Radios, 2 ele Yagi, Circuit Ideas
October Not Published
November Not Published
December Year that was, Editors message, Final meeting, San Diego Eyeball, WIA Club Insurance, Low Voltage alarm

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