Club Calendar

Details of Club Events and Activities for 2017.

January 15 - WANSARC Family Day to be confirmed.
February   3 - General meeting, 7:30pm

March   3 - Annual General Meeting, 7:30pm
New Location! See meetings page for details.
April   7 - General meeting, 7:30pm
Presentation on portable operation by Ian VK3QL.
May   5 - General meeting, 7:30pm
Guest speaker - Guy, VK3GUY. C4FM demonstration.
June   2 - General meeting, 7:30pm
Club buy, swap and sell night.
July   7 - General meeting, 7:30pm
Presentation on model engines by Cliff VK3CSL.
August   4 - General meeting, 7:30pm
Club Show & Tell / Natter Night
September   1 - General meeting, 7:30pm.
Presentation "Remote radio system configuration and operations" by John VK3IC and Craig VK3CDN
October   6 - General meeting, 7:30pm. Pre-loved and donated items for sale. Planning for JOTA
21 - Jamboree Of The Air (JOTA)
November   3 - General meeting, 7:30pm.

December   1 - General meeting, 7:30pm.
  7 (Thursday) - WANSARC Christmas Dinner -
St Georges Restaurant, Melbourne Polytechnic, Preston

Notes: With the exception of the Family Day and Club Dinner, all other meetings are normally held at the WANSARC clubrooms, 1st Strathmore Scout Hall, 136B Lebanon Street, Strathmore.

Check back again soon for further details of Club day activities as they become available.

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